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Note : I tried my level best to keep this article within the norms of this site to maintain its decorum, but “Pawanism” is an emotion that cant be expressed stipulating to the boundaries of formalism. So if you think you cant stand the power of Pawanism please stay away”

Back in 1996 staring stealthily at movie wall posters and banners while walking to School and making an entry of the release dates and the number of days a particular Movie has run into my mind’s movie registers was a pretty common thing for me. One fine day I glimpsed at this weird poster which had nothing but “ee abbai meeku telusa” (Do you know this guy?) written on it. The poster remained for about 45 days with the posters getting changed every week with content on it being same. Eventually, they released this first look of Pawan kalyan couple of weeks before the release of the movie “Akkada Ammai Ikkada Abbai” revealing his name as Kalyan. While the film managed only a mediocre run at the box office, the only thing that surfaced out of the movie was Kalyan’s skill with martial arts which were elegantly presented in the movie.

Due to my limited means, as a kid, I did not get to watch his next couple of movies Suswagatham and Gokulam lo Seeta. Nevertheless I kept track of the statistics and gossip about these movies through newspapers – enough to know that Gokulam lo seeta ended as a hit while Suswagatham went on to become a Super hit.
The kind of hysteria Pawan Kalyan created among the youth with Toli Prema benchmarked the beginning of Kalyan’s “Era of Stardom”. I know of people who watched this movie more than 50 times in theaters (I am not exaggerating). There were guys who watched this movie show after show, day after day at the expense of missing classes months together. I still remember watching this movie on its 63rd day in Sandhya with full house crowd with one full row of friends. Although it takes another 4 full pages to write about that whole experience, I will summarize it in four phrases just to give an idea of how it was ….

“whistles for every scene
with Tons of confetti all over the screen
With Shirts whirling in air
the dances in the aisles etched an indelible memoir”

After ToliPrema Pawan Kalyan became “darling of youngsters”. People loved Pawan in ToliPrema (1998) but were not sure what exactly they liked in him. The confusion got cleared when Thammudu (1999) released in the next year. His energetic acting, dances, comedy timing – especially in “the shakuntala akkayya scene”, his style – not just dress or hair style but even the small mannerisms like getting off the bike differently over its handle etc., caught every youngster’s attention and thus made him the uncrowned “Youth Icon of Andhra”. Even Anti-Megastar fans, especially youth thronged the theaters and watched this movie several times to witness Pawan’s magic and thus the first vibes started to show up that this  “Thammudu can give a tug of war to even the mighty Annayya !! “.

After Thammudu, Pawan introduced Puri Jagannath – one of the rarest gems – to Telugu Film Industry (TFI) as a Director through the film Badri. Today, even after 12 years, for  me Pawan means Badri, Badri means Pawan. It stands as the most favorite movie of Pawan. The movie started off with a negative buzz at the box office and during the same week I read in some newspaper about Puri confessing that there was quite a bit of Pawan’s influence in many departments of it. Puri probably meant to point out that the below par outcome should also be attributed to Pawan. Second week onwards the movie picked up and went on to become a solid hit at the box office. Since then, for the next 12 years both these powerful asteroids have been going around the Filmi universe in their own orbits and now their orbits have aligned and the deadly asteroids of TFI are coming together to bombard the industry on October 18th.“Atom bomb ki baggumantunna aggi pulla thodu authe emouddi? Motha mogipoddi !!!” Similarly Pawan’s power ki Puri’s characterization thodu authe ika “Boxoffice baddal baashingaale” !!

Flopullo undaga kodithene first day boxoffice daggara Pawan punch ela untundo Gabbarsingh tho telisindi. Oka Blockbuster kottaka nalugu nelalu nindakoondane cinema release chesthe, first day effect ela unadalo [wait for 2 seconds], ela untundo [wait for a second] oka pandaga pabbam avasaram lekoondane choopinche cinema “Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu” !
Pawan Kalyan’s craze reached new heights with Khushi (2001). The movie which released in Summer of 2001 became the biggest blockbuster in the career of Pawan Kalyan. His diction became an addiction to the college-goers while the style (Khushi bags) and mannerisms had such a strong impact on youth that the hangover of it has not withdrawn in many of those yet. With Khushi, Pawan became the “undisputed King of Nizam” which is one of the biggest movie territories in India and the biggest territory in Andhra.

Real heroes are not created by directors they create themselves !
Directors like Rajamouli, Trivikram, Puri Jaganadh have had their share in bringing out the talent of our current super stars and in giving them an image makeover or image overhaul for some. Like if Rajamouli had boosted the image of one of our super stars from time to time, Puri was responsible in bringing the desired image makeover to turn another star into commercial Superstar but it was Mr Konidela Pawan Kalyan himself with his unique, creative, and never-before-seen fights in the film “Badri”, his crazy dialogue delivery in “Khushi”, his hippie outfits in “Gudumba Shankar” and “Balu” is responsible for creating an indelible impression on Telugu cinephiles as POWERSTAR!

Which is why while rest of the “super” stars are requesting top directors to plan a movie with them the moment they score a hit – in the case of Pawan , its the other way round the top directors are willing to wait years for that “okka chance” to direct Pawan Kalyan.

 Yes!! Ainakonchem tikka undhi, kaani daaniko lekknundhi :

After attaining the pinnacle of craze by introducing different shades of himself through the first six consecutive successful movies (Suswagatham, Gokulam Lo Seeta, Tholi Prema, Thammudu, Badri, Khushi) – Pawan could have continued the streak by joining hands with top notch directors and could have paved way to the superstardom comparable to the likes of Chiranjeevi and Rajnikanth, but his “thikka” of being and doing things differently and in his own way led him to grab the megaphone and direct himself to deliver the movie Johnny.
Many of you will contend that Johnny is a DISASTER ! Hell yeah!! It was !!! Johnny is a disaster critically, its a disaster commercially and its a disaster most popularly!! But,
Johnny will always be in the top 5 TFI all time movies with respect to its cinematography.
No other movie in TFI has ever had or will ever have the pre-release euphoria like that of Johnny.
There won’t be a Pawan Kalyan fan who does not like the movie Johnny .
If there is any flop movie than can make fans to beam with pride its J for J O H N N Y !
Last but not least Johnny was the stepping stone that led to the cult status that Pawan has attained today.

His penchant for trying something new (Thikka?) continued with Gudumba Shankar (2004). At a time when fans were eager to see Pawan to bounce back with an action entertainer, Pawan came out with Gudumba shankar an out and out comedy entertainer for which he wrote screenplay as well. The movie did not match fans’ expectations. His subsequent movies Balu(2005) and Annavaram(2006) did average business while Bangaram(2006) failed to remain decent.
Jalsa which released in 2008 went on to become the biggest commercial blockbuster of the year, its first weekend business was so striking in USA that its numbers were charted on and thus introduced that site to Telugu cine-goers. The openings of the movie promised a sure shot industry hit but his interest to voice out something about the society (THIKKA?) lead to the Naxal episode in the movie which did not go well with the common movie audience and hampered the range of the success to some extent. As a fan I feel very proud when Media considers a commercial blockbuster like Jalsa as a success of not Pawan Kalyan’s calibre.
Brand factory:
If a star can claim himself as a brand name than a mere name then Pawan Kalyan’s aura is a brand factory than a mere brand. Because the brand Pawan Kalyan is so grand that anything that competes with it ends up being bland. Hero Ram has always been under the radar of critics for quite sometime that he imitates Pawan Kalyan, fact is that, he does not intentionally imitate, the influence of Pawan Kalyan’s mannerisms are so strong among the youth during the last decade that even heroes are not spared. He was an inspiration to Nitin who decided to become a star after watching Toli Prema. One can clearly see Pawan Kalyan’s mannerisms in Actor Nikhil. Some of the iconic mannerisms/scenes from his movies have become so frenzy among youth that our now mighty superstars like NTR ,MaheshBabu have attempted the same .To quote a few from the top of my head, like in the case of NTR, in the movie Ninnu choodalani, when heroine calls him and expresses her love, he gets off the bike goes behind a tree and dance mimiking Pawan’s ToliPrema scene and Mahesh attempted the rehashed version of Pawan Kalyan’s hillarious Sakuntala akkaya scene from Thammudu in the movie Yuvaraju.

Whether you call it influence or impression or imitation or intention, no one can deny the fact that he has been intrinsically invaluable to the industry in inspiring different talents.

Coming back to his filmography, though Teen Maar (2011) got approval from critics – it failed to register a hit at the box office The spot dubbing (thikka) made it difficult for masses and classes to follow/understand the dialogues. Also the basic theme being very urban-oriented, masses rejected the movie out rightly. Panjaa (2011), though technically a brilliant movie, failed with respect to its content.

Even with respect to success and failures at box office, Pawan kalyan’s filmography has been quite contra-distinctive. While he had, in the beginning of his movie career, six consecutive successful movies to his credit, which no other Telugu Film star had achieved in the past, he also had to face the brunt of a series of flops – thanks to his thikka, which we fans adore. Neither the flops before Jalsa could manage to overshadow his stardom nor the flops of Puli and Teen maar that came after Jalsa could empower the critics to write him off for the No. 1 position. But its only after the debacle of Panjaa, for the first time, Pawan Kalyan’s career as a star took a mild jolt and I would say those six months after Panjaa is the only period where he gave other stars in TFI a sigh of relief to eye the No.1 position after Chiranjeevi left the throne.
Six months!!! six months of silence, six months of vacuum, six months of desolation in fans. Just like every other Pawan fan I was never worried about the flops but not finding any promising movie that can go well with the current trend lead to the desolation. The plans of Pawan to work with Tamil directors even after failing more than couple of times with them added to the worry and with a Super hit Dabangg  (2010) being remade as Gabbar Singh by relatively small time director Harish made the situation worse .
But Director lo content unte, chinna-pedda,kotha-paatha ani theda lekoonda thana cutout vadukomani isthadu Pawan. Harish aa cutout ki palabhishekam chesi padi kalalala paatu abhimanula gundello undipoyettu chesadu !!
Gabbar Singh is the one movie that threw every Power Star Pawan Kalyan fan into a state of trance and created a sense of mass hysteria. May 10th, 2012 – was that day when Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and other social media celebrated the ecstasy that was the success given to us by Gabbar Singh. Posters, trailers and reviews – everything spoke about the success and joy that Gabbar Singh was – an enchanting journey of sorts for pure fans of Pawan Kalyan.

This movie is the ultimate one-man show by the Power Star – he electrified the screen with his mere presence. He proved himself to be a several leagues apart from the rest of the stars in the Telugu Movie Industry with the success of this film. It seems now that every industry movie technician is dying to use PK’s charisma in their movie and drink from the same chalice.
This movie has turned out to be a show-stopper for the summer releases and has been going strong for nearly 100 days past. It has created an impenetrable firewall for records created all over Andhra Pradesh and also across Overseas – especially US. The wouldn’t have been possible if it was not for Director Harish’s arresting narration with the help of a grippingscreenplay and refreshing situations!!
Harish can easily be termed as the “Ultmate Fan of all times” of PowerStar Pawan Kalyan. He has proved that “Fan Power” is the highest force in TFI. He has literally stuffed the entire movie with scenes that highlight the Power Star. The punch dialogues were tailor-made for Power Star. He maintained the high energy all along the way. Harish has lived up to his promise that “Aakali tho vachina vaallu Bhukthaayasam tho bayitiki veltharu”
Typically when a movie becomes hit,the results are fruitful to producers, distributors, and it potentially improves the star’s portfolio. It also gives an opportunity for the star’s fans to boast about the records that movie created. But when a Pawan kalyan’s movie becomes a hit, its way beyond the things mentioned above. Release of a Pawan Kalyan’s movie is a festival by itself and if the movie becomes a hit its time for celebration unlimited. The happiness, the joy, the ecstasy, and the euphoria is immeasurable.
Here are some of the euphoric reactions of Pawan fans the day after Gabbarsingh’s release  :
“Konni samvastarala  tarabadi hit ledani drop ayina Fans, inka hit raadani fix ayina common audience kuda, “Chas, memu kuda PawanKalyan Fans ga migilipoyi unte baagundedi yemo” ani feel ayye range cinema padindhi..!
“Entraa babu ee responses.. Rajnikanth laaga ayipothademo.. ”
Bhukthaayaasam ante ento choopinchaav bhayya. arichchi arichi gonthulu poyi, anandam tho kanneelu ochchi, palaana scene keka raa ani cheppe chance ivvakundaa, cinema antha graph peaks lo maintain chesi, energy tho fans ki pichchekkipoye dance lu choosi, collar egaresukuni, gunde nindaa anandam tho maa hero raa ani cheppukune  cinema ichchaav… Harish Anna… Nuvvu devudanna…”
“Rajamouli tho cinema akkarledhu.. Inkemi akkarledhu.. Ee cinema chaalu…Prathi scene ki maalo current pass ayyindhi.. sorry.. kshaminchaali.. kshaminchaali.. nee laage current pass ayyindhi maaku… Neeku jeevithaantham runa padi untaam..”
Ayana tikkento choopinchaadu, andari lekkalu telchesadu :
The craze of Pawan Kalyan is way ahead of the number game which is why measuring Pawan’s power using box office collections is the most frivolous thing to do.
But since some stars have recently created a buzz that numbers are more important than words they speak, here are some numbers to face off and to say that numbers will remain numbers even by keeping character.
As per the current trend in TFI, to break an existing record, a new film is progressively publicized before its release to generate the hype and then it is released in more number of theaters than the previous. This was not the case with Gabbar Singh. Even with movies out with 2 major stars, the beast Gabbar Singh was released without record number of theaters.
1st day record : Rs.8.2 crores (1st movie to make 8 crores on day1)
1st week record: Rs.32 crores (1st movie to make 30 crores by the end of week 1)
Fastest 50: more than Rs. 50 crores collected in less than 20 days
over Rs.9 crores in overseas for a mass movie – Impossible feat for any hero!!  try cheskondi!!
Garnered over 65 crores within 50 days and running strongly towards the indelible industry hit Ram charan’s Magadheera.
I remember one of the fans asking Director Harish Shankar before Gabbar Singh’s release: “How satisfied will the fans be with Gabbar Singh movie” for which he honestly replied 80% .
Now after the stupendous success of Gabbar Singh, I am just wondering if 80% satisfaction can bring this kind of response, what if a Pawan kalyan movie comes out with potential to satisfy fans by hundred % ? Only Harish Shankar has the answer.
End of Fake Trend

Pawan Kalyan has set new values with Gabbarsingh – he put an end to the self-touting fake success news by the fake producers who are egged on by the stars of the movies since the year past. They have been blowing their own trumpet out in the public to help the collections of their movies and were creating a fake-trend. Pawan Kalyan has set a new and very impressive trend. Lets see if the rest of the stars are sincere enough to embrace this new ethical standard for the industry set by the Power Star.
and when it comes to the star’s fans ..
“Kondari Pillalaki, Chandrudu andarikante paina unnadu, andanantha dooram lo unnadu ani chepthe vinaledu.
Addam lo choopinchina “Fake” chandrudni choosi aaru nelala paatu anandapaddaru,
ippatikaina, tala dinchukoni addam lo choodadam maanesi, tala ettukoni aakasam
vaipu choodandi mabbulu veedipoyi chukkala madhyana prakasitunna Chandrudu
kanipistadu !!

What is fanism ?
We often hear people claiming that they are fans of someone or something – that someone or something could be a sportsman, actor, artist, a team or merely a non living thing like a car etc., The driving force behind fanism or fanaticism is the ability of that someone or something to make them feel proud.

If we have to talk strictly about Telugu movies and fanism that is prevailing in Telugu land:
“Kondaru hero andanga unnadani fan autaaru, kondaru hero community  choosi fan autaaru (its not a mistake, its one’s choice), kondaru hero dialogues baaga cheptaadani, kondaru hero dancelu baaga chestaadani, kondaru hero records baddalu kottadani/kodatadani fans autaaru kaani oka hero manishi ga unnanduku, manavatvam tho nindi unnanduku fan authe adhi fanism kaadu, fanism ki minchina sakti, alaanti oka shakti ee Pawanism”
Oka Hero ki fan aithe Fanism , Pawan ki fan aithe Pawanism :
Typically a real fan is one who sticks through the thick and thin of the star’s success. When a star under-perfoms and fails to rake in the desired show, it becomes difficult to stick to the hero and take his side. But for a Pawan Kalyan fan it’s a cake walk. Even during the worst phases of Pawan Kalyan’s career as a star, he has left so much of ammunition to counter through his onscreen/offscreen personality that it gets so easy for Power fans to get the opponents to limit their tail to between their legs.

Simple ga cheppalante
“comedy ga current teega ni kougitloki teeskunna
serious ga Tsunami ki eduruga velli swimming chesina
kaali ga unnanduku, Powerstar ki against ga Pakodi kaburlu tho argue chesina
jarigedi okkate !!!
Keeping the above cinematic snub aside, the power of Powerstar is so powerful and obvious that even the lamest of anti-fans end up hurting their conscience badly to talk ill about his craze or personality.
Why fans remained fans even after successive failures :
Despite failures, Telugu movie lovers in general believe that Pawan Kalyan is Super hit as an entertainer which is responsible for the huge openings but the main reason for his unending craze from his fans is that every fan believes that he is a BlockBuster hit as a person and that he is going to be an industry hit of the Human race in the time to come.Which is why Fanism fades but Pawanism pervades !!
What makes me a Pawan Kalyan fan ?

I am not sure how big of a fan I am relative to the millions of other Powerstar fans, but I am pretty sure about the reasons why I admire Pawan Kalyan and I am sure there would be quite a number of fans of Powerstar who can relate to the same reasons.
1. Humor: I regard humor as one of the greatest virtues of human kind. After Chiranjeevi and Kamal Hasan, Pawan Kalyan is the only superstar whom I admire for the comedy timing in movies. He rarely gives personal interviews but when he does, one can see the vetakaram (sarcasm) and the extent/depth of humor the man has in his real life.
2. Style: If you are a real style freak and a Telugu movie lover then you gotta be a Pawan Kalyan Fan. From his eccentric outfits like the double pants in Gudumba shankar to super formal outfits in Badri to the trendy jeans and T shirt that he wore for Teen Maar audio function to the chic black shirt and Blue jeans that he wore for Panjaa audio function, Pawan kalyan and style go hand in hand. Not only the dress sense but his hair style, his dance moves, the bikes he uses, the way he moves and carries himself on screen and off and his overall demeanor portrays a very strong and trendy style statement.

3. Straight forwardness: PK is a man of few words. He hardly ever speaks in Public. He has spoken more in the recent couple of years than in his entire film career. 99% of the people who say that they are straight forward in their speech are actually not- they put up a straight-face and lie through their teeth. PK, on the other hand, speaks only when he feels passionately about something. When he does, the bare-facedness of Pawan kalyan is not to prove something to some one. He speaks honestly and speaks with passion to stand up for what he believes in -the Truth. He just speaks his heart out and because of his honesty and sincerity, people instantly connect with him. Moreover, he articulates ideas and feelings so well that it pours out of him in not only words but through his body language – I AM F A N OF PAWAN KALYAN FOR THIS Quality OF HIS !
4. Emotionality: After basic human instincts, emotions constitute a major part of a man’s personality. The way a person reacts to a situation depends on his or her emotionality. Needless to say that Pawan Kalyan is very emotional person. Major part of his emotionality comprises of compassion. He has not been seen to get emotional about his personal achievements or road blocks. Every emotional outburst of his is out of compassion towards people around him.

When acid attack victim Swapnika was on the death bed, several ministers and prominent personalities have visited her to convey their condolences, but the only person she could connect with was Pawan Kalyan and she requested to meet him again when she was almost certain of dying. Out of all the people who came and spoke to her, she could connect to one emotion, one person and that was Pawan Kalyan.This is just one of several examples to show that Pawan Kalyan is a personification of pristine emotions.
Every time I watch this video ,I get to believe that humanity is not just a word in dictionary

Yes we all with Pawan Annaya....We are ready to go whereever he leads...........

You must have the social responsebility towards the society....Becase we are in same society...

Think about the common people and service them as you can......What excatly Pawanism says..............................

Power Star Zindabad....Pawanism Zindabad..................

HIT or FLOP don't care ...We Proud to be a PAWAN KALYAN fan.....Because it is an honor to us........ 

Pawan Devotee....